Any form of IP infringement (otherwise known as Intellectual Property Infringement) is strictly prohibited. This means that all products put up for sale in your vendor may be your own creation from scratch. Use of any templates, stolen designs, or anything of that like should not be seen anywhere on the floor - or you and your store will be removed from the event, no questions asked.

Many have asked why Geeks'n'Nerds does not allow template works in the event? The answer is rather complicated, and there are many reasons for this.

1. With template work, Many stores have the same template you are using, which takes away from the whole exclusivity of the event. We want our participants to have something that comes fully out of their imagination, not their work printed on someone else's work.

2. There are many template makers out there, and each of them has different rules as to what they allow with their templates. Event staff already has a lot going on, some are designers, and others are catering towards the designers in the event and monitoring that things do follow the rules. To try to figure out each template maker and keep the event properly maintained is just way too much, staff would rather dedicate their time to other things other than trying to figure out if your template work is following the rules of the maker.

3. The amount of applications that the event has gotten within the past two years is overbearing. It's very hard for us to say no to certain people, and yes to others, we feel like putting this restriction is a fair way to filter out the applications that we get.

4. Ultimately, it is the choice of the event staff what kind of work is showcased in the event. If there are any questions or complaints, feel free to let one of us know, but for now, this rule stands. Thank you for understanding.


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