Monday, November 24, 2014

Geeks'n'Nerds is now open

After a lot of hard work, and amazing work from our designers, Geeks'n'Nerds has opened the door to all you amazing people to enjoy a truly one of a kind experience! We hope that you enjoy all the hard work our amazing designers and staff has done in order to bring this event to you.

Event will be open starting today, all the way to the 10th of December. If you want to see more stuff, please visit our flickr at

Here's your land mark to the event!

Hope you enjoy this fest of craziness, and Allons-y!

Sash Arabello,
Owner of Wimey
Geeks'n'Nerds Organizer

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Final Line Up Announced!

I know so many of you are very excited for what's about to come. Geeks'n'Nerds will be opening their doors to every nerd and geek in second life to share amazing creations brought to you by some of the most creative and talented designers in Second Life.

Geeks'n'Nerds 2014 Is coming soon!!!!
Every designer will put forth at least one item that has to do with the theme, something magical and amazing, so there's no doubt that no matter /how/ you see yourself, there will be something there for you! From the gamers to the scientist, to the literary book worms, we've got you covered.

Stores that will be in this round of Geeks'n'Nerds will be:




Diesel Works


Every Pixel is Art (EPIA)

Fate Play

Fishy Strawberry





22769 - Cheeky Pea- Wasabi Pills - Sweet Thing - Hopscotch - *Katat0nik* - !Bang Poses - TSG - Kalopsia - Elephante Poses - Bella Elephante - Frogstar- Pixel Mode - .:Buttery Toast:, - Alouette - ieQED - [the Skinnery] - Sari-Sari - Peqe - Noodles - Miseria - Lassitude & Ennui - Blueberry Hill - |CerberusXing| - Breath - Moon - Lumae - Pure Poison - Due - Haste - Decoy - Unrepentant - xin. Second Spaces - B.C.C. - Convair - Damselfly Hair - [Fetch] - Double Take - Floorplan. - Nani - .Arcadia. - ANE - Orion - Alice Project - - Cannibelle - Random Matter - Distorted Dreams - Lost Junction - Cae - L. Warkwick Handmade Shoes - Oyasumi - .Storybook. - Forever Famous - Atooly - Casita - .{yumyums}. Kaleidoscope - Brixley - Luminary - Hate This - The Secret Store - Snips & Snails - Razzberry Inc. - The Hive  Altair* - Trinket 

The Sim will open its doors to shoppers at the stroke of midnight at Nov. 24th. See you there! 
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